Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Apfelbier Tasting

Very cloudy beer, even after over a month in the bottle.

Appearance: Hella cloudy. Darker shade of yellow. Fluffy persistent white head.

Aroma: Malty/grainy, cidery and a little bit spicy

Flavour: Crisp and very dry with a very slight tartness following the swallow. Hints of cinnamon and pie spices, but it's subtle rather than in your face.

Mouthfeel: Small bubbles of carbonation, thin and very dry. Slightly bitter, a bit acidic.

Overall: I think it's good. The beer is very drinkable, and I appreciate that the spice is more subtle than in your face. My only qualm is that it is really dry and doesn't have any residual sweetness. I should have added a fraction of honey malt or something to favor the cider and spice flavors.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Apfelbier, because pumpkin spice is so last year.

This is the last time this beer would be this clear (Racking from kettle to carboy)

As we in the northern hemisphere face the dark winter, a yearning for solace from the cold fills our hearts. While typically I have made a pumpkin spice beer each year around this time I decided this year that I was sick of pumpkin spice and wanted to do something a bit different.
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